Tuesday, 17 June 2008

17 June – Last Swiss day

No luck with the weather, but the Eiger Northface has its charm also in bad weather, so we walk some 2 hours to enjoy the sight of it from below. Our Grindelwald guides take care of us, in particular when they “drop” us down the Grindelwald Schlucht, some 80 meters in the void, but well secured by a rope. We then crossed the Jungfrau once more – this time through the railway tunnel, and here we are in Sunny Brig. We can then see the current Alpine city of the year and hear from the authorities about implementation of the Alpine Convention, in particular in the area of mountain agriculture. A delicious raclette for dinner, and then all in bed (or watching football on tv). Tomorrow we head towards Austria!


Anonymous said...

Nice Weather Ahead!... Ordered just for “Ötzi” Group

The Permanent Secretariat Team is very much enthusiastic that participants of SuperAlp!2 are approaching »the capital of the Alps«, regarding the location of the main and branch office of the Alpine Convention.
We are glad that we won’t welcome you like a group of “Ice Men”, as the weather is finally getting much better!!! See you soon!!!

Lucia Del Favero said...

I really would like be with you, even if it's still raining!!
Keep going SuperAlp!2... we are with you!!
Have a nice day tomorrow!