Sunday, 15 June 2008


Chambery: a beautiful city, very active for the sustainable development of the Alpine area. Transport and mobility rank top of the priorities, told us the Major Mrs Laclais and the former Minister Luis Besson. In Chambéry, Alpine city in the year 2006, was opened in 2006 the "House of Parc and Mountains", which contains a very rich set of interactive games and information on Alpine nature. This House also hosts the offices of the "Task Force Protected Areas", in charge of coordinating activities of the network of Alpine protected areas. Also the headquarter of the European Association of Elected Representatives from Mountain areas sits here. Overall, a very intensive morning for discussing issues of relevance for policies in the Alps. The Group then lfts France for Switzerland (don't forget your identity card!) where near Interlaken was welcomed by a local wood handycraft and a producer of electric bicycles, which the Group used in order to reach Brienz. Interlaken is an "Alpine Pearl", which means is part of the network of destinations promoting sustainable and soft mobility. The wheather is now no longer good. Tomorrow we shall climb up to 3800 m......

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Alexandre MIGNOTTE said...

Hello dear Superalpiners !

It was really nice to share these two days with you. Unfortunately I had to leave you and to take another train for Feldkirch, in Vorarlberg, because of an international CIPRA workshop about climate change tomorrow. Of course, I continue to use sustainable means of transport!
The best way for travelling and discovering the Alps!
I wish you a wonderful trip...and I hope it will stop raining !

Best regards !
Alexandre - CIPRA France